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An Educational / Awareness Campaign for the Prevention
of illegal Dumping
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Prevention of Illegal Dumping
EPA Region 9 Border 2012
Solicitation No. SOLTA08-001

Applicant Organization: Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. (RCBH)  fiscal agency for the Binational Health and Environment Council, Yuma County,  Arizona/San Luis R.C. Sonora, Mexico.

Who we are:

“No Contamine / Don’t Trash La Frontera”
is an International Alliance that engages public, private, state, federal, and tribal organizations to develop a  clearinghouse of Recycling Center Resources to increase the promotion, education, and awareness of proper management of solid waste among the residents of the Yuma County, Arizona /San Luis R.C., Sonora, Mexico border. In addition to coordinating and sponsoring clean-up campaigns in target areas that are highly impacted by illegal dumping on both sides of the border, which involves school age children, young adults and the overall community.

International Alliance “No Contamine / Don’t Trash La Frontera” Project addresses the following US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Border 2012 Project goals:

  • Goal 3: Reduce Land Contamination.

  • Goal 6: Improve Environmental Performance though compliance, enforcement, pollution prevention and promotion of environmental stewardship. 

This program is funded by:

 US Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC)

Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.

In Collaboration with:

Binational Health and Environment Council San Luis R. C. Son / Yuma County, AZ

Why is this Project so Important?

Yuma County, Arizona/San Luis R.C., Sonora is a very dynamic, fast growing border area. It is estimated that San Luis R.C. has a population of over 250,000 people and Yuma County has a population of 185,000. These represent a total of 56% and 58% increase respectively in the last 10 years–since 2000.

Illegal dumping and littering is hazardous to this region’s wildlife and human beings. In December 2007, Yuma County set a record of 399.4 tons of trash and debris collected at an illegal dumpsite, at County 19th Street. That tonnage, along with 1,723 tires, 32 abandon cars, 30 gallons of oil, and 3 tons of metal went to recycling was collected by 228 volunteers. In total, the Yuma area held six cleanups this past year with over 858 volunteers participating to help tackle this regional issue.

San Luis, R.C., Sonora has only one designated landfill site, therefore, the Sonora dessert on both sides of the border has become a place were many people choose to discard illegally their household waste without regard for the surrounding neighborhoods or border communities.

Both the Arizona and Sonora Governor’s offices have launched State-wide campaigns against illegal dumping. In Arizona, it’s “Don’t Trash Arizona” and in Sonora, México, it’s “Sonora Limpio.” The International Alliance “No Contamine / Don’t Trash La Frontera” between Yuma County and San Luis R.C. Son.  It’s a joint effort to educate border communities about the importance of recycling, conservation, personal responsibility, and illegal dumping prevention.

County 19th looking Southeast................Yuma County 2

Co. 19 S. Yuma County, Az.

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